The Bucket List set to bring gourmet loaded hotdogs to Norwich

Cocky Dogs is a new venture for the husband and wife team behind The Bucket List Picture: Adele Boo

Cocky Dogs is a new venture for the husband and wife team behind The Bucket List Picture: Adele Boon - Credit: Archant

You'll be able to eat the loaded dogs alongside their chip buckets at Chambers Cocktail Company.

You might have swooned over their immense chip feasts, smothered with all manner of sinful toppings…but now the owners of The Bucket List have something new in store.

Adele and Nathan Boon are just about to launch Cocky Dogs - taking gourmet British-made hotdogs, packing them into locally-made buns, and masterfully piling them with obscenely good edible crowning glories, from bolognaise sauce to liquid cheese.

The official launch of Cocky Dogs will be at Holt Street Feast on Sunday, July 21, with the experience also making its way to Norwich city centre, where in two weeks you'll find the loaded dogs on the menu at Chambers Cocktail Company alongside those legendary chip buckets.

Talking about the success of their business (launched in 2017) Adele says the couple can't quite believe how much The Bucket List has grown. "We started with one trailer. Now we've got the trailer at Overstrand [Cromer], the one that tours around for events, the residence at Chambers and the shop in Cromer.

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"We literally thought this would be a sideline for us to do while Nathan maintained being a head chef, but he needed to leave his job to focus on this. He always wanted to do street food and whenever we go away with the kids we eat street food all over Europe, so this whole thing was about bringing what you get in bigger cities to the coast, because there really wasn't a street food scene here at that point."

Adele and Nathan have had so many requests to attend events with The Bucket List they considered taking on another trailer - but then came the spark to try something different this time. "We went to New York for our 10th wedding anniversary and saw all the hot dog trucks and thought, what a great idea!

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"Our hot dogs are all made in Britain but they are proper frankfurter hot dogs, not like the ones you get out of a tin, and we griddle them to concentrate the flavour. Our rolls, because of the toppings, needed a really good crust so they've been designed and made for us by the Bond Street Baker in Cromer, which is great. It's nice to support other local businesses."

The core offerings at the moment include The Chizzy Dog (with beef bolognaise and Parmesan sauce), The Posh Dog (with truffled mushrooms, aioli, rocket, Parmesan and sweet onion), The Zero Chill Chilli Dog (fire lamb chilli, smoked cheddar and aioli) and The Barbecue Dog (liquid cheese, barbecue sauce, crispy onions and smoked bacon).

"We'll add new creations and toppings all the time. Nathan's always creating!"

In Norwich, in addition to being at Chambers, the new snacks will soon be available on Deliveroo.

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