Rare Edwardian engine coming to Norfolk this summer

This Edwardian steam engine will be running on Mid-Norfolk Railway tracks this summer.

This Edwardian steam engine will be running on Mid-Norfolk Railway tracks this summer. - Credit: Mid-Norfolk Railway

Train enthusiasts in Norfolk will have a unique opportunity this summer to see one of the oldest preserved steam engines still running in the UK.

The Edwardian train first entered service in 1901 and was built by the Port Talbot Railway and Docks Company.

Numbered 813, the train was originally used for the coal industry in South Wales along the Severn Valley Railway but was retired from duties in 1967.

Mid-Norfolk Railway general manager George Saville said: "The railway is delighted to welcome this historic engine to East Anglia.

"It will join our resident Standard BR Class 4 MT steam engine on our steam timetable and will be a unique opportunity to see an important and rare survivor of the early 20th Century British railway industry."

Mid-Norfolk Railway plan to begin passenger services on Saturday and tickets are now available at www.mnr.org.