New Buckenham woman requests donations to charity instead of gifts for her birthday

Bella Chirodian from New Buckenham will be asking for donations instead of presents on her 50th birt

Bella Chirodian from New Buckenham will be asking for donations instead of presents on her 50th birthday next month to raise money for a family in Zimbabwe. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

For her 50th birthday Bella Chirodian from New Buckenham has asked her family and friends to not buy her any parents.

Chido, Connie and Prudence

Chido, Connie and Prudence - Credit: Archant

Instead she is asking them to donate money to her Bella@50 project to raise money to help pay for a teenager's house in Zimbabwe - where Mrs Chirodian is originally from.

The 49-year-old said she was told about Prudence Mugwagwa's story through her sister Brenda who still lives in the country.

Prudence's mother recently died from heart congestion, a complication of kidney failure. The 18-year-old was taken in by her aunt Connie who is a single parent to Chido, also 18.

Prudence's mother bought her the house before she died, as a place to call home, but Connie has to pay off $3,065 for the house and is being charged 10pc interest.

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Mrs Chirodian said: 'Connie is a beautician and relies on clients so she is not guaranteed money daily. My dream is to help by paying off the whole house so Connie can use her income to keep her daughter and niece in education.

'In Zimbabwe if you have no education there is no hope at all. I want to ease Connie's burden. I am hoping to raise £2,086. If I get more money then I would keep that to pay for the girls' education.'

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The mother-of-three said it is difficult not to ask for presents for her birthday because she loves them so much.

She said: 'It has been hard because I am definitely a taker. But I have everything I need. I know Connie, I go to her for a massage when I go back home once a year, and Prudence so it is very personal. Connie is always happy and smiling.

'Currently they are renting out the house because Prudence is too young to live there on her own but if I can give them the money to buy it, then it will be her home.'

Mrs Chirodian will celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, May 11.

Currently she has raised £575.

If you would like to donate, email Mrs Chirodian for more details at

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