WATCH: ‘Nest crepes’ with Mini Eggs arrive in Norwich

The nest crepe from Christophe's Crepes. Photo: Christophe's Crepes

The nest crepe from Christophe's Crepes. Photo: Christophe's Crepes - Credit: Christophe's Crepes

Who says it's too early for a sweet Easter treat?

Christophe's Crepes, which can be found at Davy Place near Norwich Castle, sells a variety of sweet and savoury treats.

Fans of the mini egg, however, will be particularly pleased to hear that the crêperie has reintroduced spring favourite the 'nest crepe' - and a month or so early to boot.

Christophe of Christophe's Crepes said: 'I love the little nest cakes that you typically get around Easter and I love mini eggs so I thought we had to do a bit of a tribute to a total classic.

'Customers asked for us to do it again and as mini eggs are available it's a go.'

The 'nest crepes' cost £4.50 with other crepes on the stall ranging from £3-£5.

Be sure to watch our video of the 'nest crepe' being made to discover how Christophe layers nutella, chopped almonds, coco pops and mini eggs to get the prefect crunchy crepe, and see how they went down in our taste test.

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