Neighbours rushed to the aid of man after a 60ft fall at Heartsease flats

Heartsease Towers, Heartsease. Ashbourne Tower

Heartsease Towers, Heartsease. Ashbourne Tower - Credit: Archant © 2006

Neighbours were left in shock after rushing to the aid of a man who fell 60 feet from a block of flats in Norwich,

Witnesses had seen the man, believed to be in his 30s, fall from a balcony on the fifth floor of Ashbourne Tower, Watling Road, at around 6.20pm on Sunday.

He remains in Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital having sustained multiple serious injuries. His condition is described as life-threatening.

One resident of Ashbourne Tower, who did not want to be named, first became of aware of what had happened at about 6.15pm.

'I heard this commotion from outside my window,' she said. 'I looked outside and saw some legs. I thought a fight had started.

'There was a man on the phone really agitated, and he told us someone had just fallen from a balcony.'

The man had narrowly missed landing on a concrete pathway, instead falling to a grass embankment.

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'It's scary when it happens right outside your window,' the 21-year-old added.

'I just hope he makes a good recovery, because it really doesn't look good.'

Arron Warren had run down from the block of flats to help the man, holding him still until paramedics arrived.

'I just kept talking to him until the ambulance got there,' said the 30-year-old.

'I kept him warm and kept talking to him to make sure he was still with me.

'I had to keep telling him to breathe, and tried to keep him calm. It was just horrific.

'I did not sleep last night at all, because every time I closed my eyes I saw him.

'I have had it playing on my mind ever since,'

Kooner Bic, manager of the local Premier store, described the man, a regular customer, as 'quiet'. I think he had some problems and wanted a fresh start,' he said. 'He was a nice guy. Everyone thinks it's terrible.'

A police spokesman said the incident is not being treated as suspicious.

'Inquiries are currently under way to determine the full circumstances of the incident,' he added.

•Anyone who has any information should contact Norfolk Police on 101.