My welcome from a Brexit supporting Donald Trump supporter

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File) - Credit: AP

'Are you coming to make fun of us ma'am?' – my Chicago immigration officer challenged me.

I muttered something about being an impartial observer (you don't mess with immigration!) and pointed out the UK has been given its share of ridicule from the international world over Brexit.

'I'm a fan of Brexit', he said, warming to the political chat. It transpired that he was going to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton had labelled his views racist and deplorable, Donald Trump would call him an American.

A chance chat with an immigration officer isn't going to tell us which way this election is going.

But it points to just how divided and unpredictable this election is. In my second straw poll with my Ethiopian immigrant taxi driver, I found a reluctant Democrat. He has previously voted Republican.

He thought Donald Trump was crazy – but has been no fan of the Democrat's failed foreign policy in Africa.

I touched down in the swing state of Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday as Donald Trump closed in on Hillary Clinton in the polls.

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Commentators believe there could be a shy Trump vote too.

Suddenly it looks like it is going to be much closer than anyone thought and it is within the margin of error.

Hillary Clinton still has a head start when it comes to safe Democrat seats – but anything could happen.

Today we head off to Columbus University to meet local journalists, academics and party officials.

There will be more twists in this tale.

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