My First Car: By gum! Spearmint colourful character

Lizzy Siswick needed a little help from her friends to get to work most mornings... to push-start her Mini called Spearmint.

It was 1972 and I had just passed my driving test and I was hoping to get a car. Money was a bit tight so I was looking for a bargain.

A relative of mine, who owned a pub, had this old Mini for quite a while in the car park. She was hoping to learn to drive herself but could not get the spare time with having a busy pub, so she said I could have it for £50 and so I grabbed it.

It had a few spots of rust and a missing handle but I soon got it fixed.

It was a white Mini and everything was original.

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On the dashboard there was a packet of Wrigleys chewing gum – a white packet with a pink and green stripe down the middle of it, I was struck with an idea so I got my painter and decorator husband to paint a pink and green strip from the bonnet to the boot and I called the Mini Sspearmint.

Spearmint became quite famous round the village, not just for her colours but because most mornings when I set off for work I nearly always needed a push to get it started. There was always someone about who would give me a push. I would park it at the top of a hill when I arrived so I could get back home after work.

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On occasions I rented a stall on the market selling anything and everything. I would fill the Mini with stock, as much as it would take, and off we would go to the market. With any money I made, I would fill the Mini up with petrol and treat my two boys.

I ran the Mini for two years but it was needing quite a few repairs and renewals so I had to let Spearmint go it was very sad. I sold it for £40 to a young apprentice mechanic who he said he could sort it.

So then I bought an old red Volkswagen Beetle from a retired couple who had had the car from new and I called it Laura after my mum because she had red hair.

Laura was so... oh but that's another story.

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