My First Car: Brickie’s bubble car not really built for five!

Peter Forster in his BMW Isetta, which was resprayed from blue to orange, in Stuttgart in 1960.

Peter Forster in his BMW Isetta, which was resprayed from blue to orange, in Stuttgart in 1960. - Credit: supplied

While living in Berlin, Peter Forster used a BMW Isetta bubble car to get to the building site and take five people to the cinema!

My first 'car' was a BMW Isetta with a 250cc motorcycle engine which I got in 1959 in Berlin.

My dear mother bought it for me on HP for 800 Deutsche Marks and I paid her back in monthly instalments.

As a bricklaying apprentice, I drove to the building site and heard the site foreman saying to the architect: 'We come by bus and tram to the building site but the apprentice comes by car.'

We managed to squeeze five people in this 'box' – three on the seat bench, one on the luggage rack and one in the door bulge – totally illegal of course – for a trip to the cinema.

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The picture was taken in Stuttgart in May 1960. The Isetta's original colour was blue, but a friend had a paint spray business for leather goods and so within two hours we changed the colour to orange.

The Isetta was sold in Hamburg in 1961 for 250 Deutsche Marks when I was on my way to Australia.

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I`m from West Berlin but have lived and worked in Suffolk since 1976.

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