Muslims in West Norfolk condemn London attackers and praise work of emergency services

Candles and flowers at the King's Lynn vigil. Picture: Archant

Candles and flowers at the King's Lynn vigil. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The Muslim community in West Norfolk haAS issued a statement condemning the recent terror attack in London, which left seven people dead and scores injured.

President of the West Norfolk Islamic Association, Azam Gabbair, said: 'The West Norfolk Islamic community of Kings Lynn are appalled and saddened by these shocking events. This is yet another senseless act of violence committed against innocents.

'As a country we must respond collectively and remain united against these acts of inhumanity.

'The majority of Muslims were praying in this holy month of Ramadan, only to return home to hear news of these sick and vile opportunists who attacked innocent people in a manner which has no place in Islam or wider society.

'Our hearts are truly filled with sorrow as we continue to witness this vicious cycle of violence. We commend the work of our emergency services in London to keep us safe, and at this difficult time our thoughts and prayers are with all those victims affected.'

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