Mum’s sponsored walk through Ipswich to say thank you for little Louis’s care


A mum who had to give her baby mouth-to-mouth after he stopped breathing in her arms is organising a sponsored walk to thank medics who cared for him.

Kristy Will, of Castle Hill, Eye, is also aiming to raise awareness of an infection called bronchiolitis, which almost claimed the life of her young son Louis last year.

When Louis was just one month old he came down with a cold, and on December 16 he stopped breathing after Miss Will fed him to sleep on the sofa.

'Louis had gone floppy, he had turned a horrible grey colour and his lips were blue,' she said. 'I immediately jumped up and began rubbing his back, screaming to his dad to get downstairs, while simultaneously rubbing his back trying to wake him up, and calling 999.'

Miss Will, 24, learnt how to do first aid as a teenager during Guides, but it was the direction of the emergency call handler that allowed her to save her baby's life.

'I had to put my mouth over his nose and mouth,' said Miss Will, who has two other children, Ethan, five, and Isabella, three. 'I was terrified. I thought: 'If I get this wrong then he will die'.'

Louis started breathing after his mum's intervention and within minutes the ambulance first responder arrived and rushed him to Ipswich Hospital.

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Louis weighed just 7lb 2oz because he was unwell as a newborn, so he was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The following day he was transferred to the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridgeshire, where Miss Will was able to stay nearby at The Sick Children's Trust's free accommodation for parents.

Louis was treated for bronchiolitis – a viral infection that affects the lungs and blocks the flow of air with mucus – and he was back at home on Christmas Eve.

To say thank you to the staff who helped Louis's recovery, Miss Will will lead a five-mile sponsored walk on December 17 from Asda Whitehouse in Ipswich, through the town centre and ending at Ipswich Hospital.

The walkers will be dressed as elves and will be carrying donation buckets along the way. Proceeds will be split between Ipswich NICU, Addenbrooke's

PICU and The Sick Children's Trust.

Anyone is welcome to join and more information can be found by searching 'Louis' Bronchiolitis Awareness Sponsored Walk' on Facebook.