Move to end political stalemate in Waveney

The political deadlock at Waveney District Council looks set to be solved after a legal opinion was issued by the authority's monitoring officer today.

On Wednesday, May 25 councillors are due to choose the council leader and chairman with the position of the meeting's initial chairman for the night holding the keys to power.

But both Conservative and Labour are in a stalemate position with 23 seats each following this month's election.

On May 25 both parties are relying on the support of independent councillor Peter Collecot and Green Party member Graham Elliott to secure enough votes to elect an initial chairman who will then become pivotal in the following vote for annual chairman and leader.

However Mr Collecot and Mr Elliott have come out in favour of the Tories and Labour respectively - meaning there is a deadlock of 24 votes each bloc.

In a bid to solve the crisis monitoring officer Arthur Charvonia has issued a legal opinion which says former councillor Alan Duce, who was chairman in 2010-11, will chair the initial vote for annual chairman.

Because of the predicted 24-24 deadlock Mr Duce, who represented Worlingham ward and is a Conservative, will have the casting vote.

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Mr Duce's vote will effectively hand power to one party by choosing their annual chairman who will then have a casting vote for the leader vote.

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