Motorbike rider does a wheelie then goes 100mph down A47 Acle Straight

A photo of the rider's bike. Photo: Norfolk Police/@NSRoadsPolicing Twitter

A photo of the rider's bike. Photo: Norfolk Police/@NSRoadsPolicing Twitter - Credit: Norfolk Police

A motorbike rider was caught by a traffic officer doing a wheelie and driving at 100mph down the Acle Straight.

A police motorcyclist was on A47 at North Burlingham on Saturday, April 10 at about 4pm when he noticed three motorcycles speeding eastbound.

The officer followed the motorcycles and attempted to stop the riders at the Acle roundabout, near the Acle Straight.

Two riders pulled over but the lead rider went down a gear and sharply accelerated, lifting the front wheel in a wheelie.

Police said the rider sped off at more than 100mph.

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The officer followed the rider that had just pulled a wheelie and stopped him further down the Acle Straight.

The other two motorcycles then did U-turns on the Acle Straight and rode off in the opposite direction, however they had already been identified from the officer's video footage and a police spokesman said they will be dealt with.

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The rider, who was stopped, was found to have an expired MOT on the motorcycle, various defects on the bike, and had been riding on a restricted power motorcycle licence, meaning his bike was too powerful for his licence.

The rider had also not told their insurance company of modifications made to the bike, according to a police spokesman. He will be prosecuted.

A police spokesman said: 'With the hopeful onset of some nice weather, police would like to remind motorcyclists that they are statistically at increased risk as opposed to some other road user groups.

'We understand the enjoyment motorcycling brings, and ask all road users to consider what they, and others are doing to try and make the roads safer.'

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