Mother’s praise for autistic Tesco employee in Diss goes viral

Emma Shawcross, 32, of Winfarthing. Picture submitted.

Emma Shawcross, 32, of Winfarthing. Picture submitted. - Credit: Archant

A mother's heartfelt Facebook post about being served by an autistic man at the Tesco store in Diss has gone viral.

Emma Shawcross, 32, from Winfarthing, told how she had visited the supermarket and came across a cashier called Rob.

She described her shopping experience as perfect despite him squashing her bread, piling up her items and recounting her change a number of times.

As a mother of a 12-year-old boy with autism, Ms Shawcross went on to talk to Rob about how he got the job and the fact that Tesco had given him an opportunity which other employers were not prepared to do.

She wrote: 'The guy on the till said hello and started scanning my items as I was still putting them on the belt the other end. You can imagine the pile of stuff that was waiting for me when I went to go pack.

'When I asked him for 5 bags he counted each one, then recounted them a further 2 times before handing them over to me.

'The guy didn't really talk to me, he squashed my bread when he scanned it but I waited patiently whilst he took his time, especially when trying to scan the awkward items.'

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The post has gone viral since it was shared on Monday evening - it has been liked more than 110,000 times, been shared nearly 7,000 times and received nearly 2,000 comments.

In one comment Deana Lee wrote: 'That's brilliant wish there were shops offering equal opportunities and that more customers had patience.'

Patricia Walder commented: 'That is great we all deserve a chance and he got it, well done.'

And Deborah Hodson added: 'Amazing well done Tesco and well done you so many people don't have the patience and sensitivity you have. I know exactly what you're saying from personal experience.'

After hearing about the Facbook post Jo Marsh, store manager at Tesco Diss said that Rob is a real credit to the store.

'My colleagues at the store work hard to serve customers a little better every day and Rob is no exception,' she said. 'His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around him and he is a real credit to our store.'

Ms Shawcross added: 'Changing attitudes teamed with employers, like you, who really do offer equal opportunities are a changing people's lives. So thank you Tesco, it was a pleasure shopping with you today.'

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