Morrisons murder trial: Lee Monk claims he acted in self-defence jury told.

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Facebook

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Facebook - Credit: Archant

One of two men accused of being involved in an attack in Morrisons supermarket in which a 26-year-old man died claimed he acted in self-defence as he was terrified he was going to get beaten-up.

The three men were at the store in Wymondham on July 17, when Nick Rogers was attacked by Lee Monk and his uncle John Monk shortly after 7.30pm.

Mr Rogers died in hospital the following day aged 26.

Both Lee Monk, 20, of Silfield Road, Wymondham, and John Monk, 44, of Albini Way, Wymondham, are on trial after pleading not guilty to murder.

They also deny assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Mr Rogers' friend Leo Wardrop on July 17.

Giving evidence, self-employed builder Lee Monk told the jury how Nick Rogers used to be a family friend and was close with his older brother but they fell out over claims Mr Rogers had stolen money and jewellery from another friend.

He said he blocked Mr Rogers on Facebook and ignored him if he saw him around Wymondham.

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However on the day of the incident he had bumped into him by chance in Morrisons.

He said Mr Rogers approached him and said: 'Well come on then big man let's have it.'

Lee Monk said he thought he was going to get beaten up and claimed Mr Wardrop was standing in the background blocking his exit from the store.

He said Mr Rogers kept repeating himself and knew he wanted a fight.

'I knew what he was capable of but I did not want to fight him. I was terrified.'

He said he was only 19 at the time and said Mr Rogers was much older.

He said he was also concerned for his girlfriend, who was with him in the store.

He said he thought Mr Rogers might have something in his hand and tried to tell him to go away.

'I did not want any trouble. He clapped his hands as if to say let's do it, as if he wanted to fight.'

He said he had swung a pre-emptive punch which missed and started pushing Mr Rogers away.

After that he was hit by Mr Rogers and he also threw about five punches back.

He said he was later aware of his uncle on the scene but said he did not see him throw any punch at Mr Rogers.

When Mr Rogers fell to the floor after, he said he though he might have slipped on his jumper and said he aimed a kick at his chest to stop him getting up and coming after him.

'I thought he would just get straight up. I aimed a kick at his chest and at his ribs to keep him down so I could get out of there.'

Asked by his barrister Jude Durr if he intended to kill or cause serious harm to Mr Rogers, he replied: 'No. There was no intention whatsoever.'

Earlier the jury heard the police interview of John Monk in which he said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He told police: 'Look at the CCTV and you will see what happened.'

He said he was not involved and said: 'I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.'

He said it was a 100pc coincidence that he had gone to the Morrisons store at that time.

He said he was going to a see a friend in Attleborough and went to pick up a bottle of orange.

John Monk said if they had sold it at the garage he would not have even gone into the store.

'Five minutes later it might have been different. I walked in there and you see what happened.'

John Monk said that he had been trying to break up any fight involving his nephew and Mr Rogers.

'I was trying to stop it. You can see what I was trying to do. I was trying to stop it. I have got nothing to do with it.'

The trial continues.