Almost 70 Greater Anglia services cancelled as widespread disruption persists

One of Greater Anglia's new trains. Picture: Neil Didsbury

One of Greater Anglia's new trains. Picture: Neil Didsbury - Credit: Archant

The woes of the region's rail network are continuing today with almost 70 services being cancelled by Greater Anglia - many affecting Norfolk.

Dozens of services scheduled for today have been pulled - 68 in total - as the difficulties with Greater Anglia's new trains continues.

Among these services are several to and from Norwich, including a number of coastal trains serving Cromer and Great Yarmouth.

Greater Anglia continues to attribute these issues to "signalling problems" with reduced speed and frequency of service becoming a recurring theme as late - following a near miss at a Thorpe End level crossing more than a fortnight ago.The following services have been cancelled

- 6.24am Great Yarmouth to Norwich

- 6.30am Sheringham to Norwich

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- 6.41am Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 8.37am Norwich to Great Yarmouth

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- 9.17am Great Yarmouthto Norwich

- 10.07am Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 10.17am Ipswich to Lowestoft

- 10.45am Norwich to Sheringham

- 11.44am Sheringham to Norwich

- 12.07pm Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 12.17pm Ipswich to Lowestoft

- 12.36pm Norwich to Great Yarmouth

- 12.45pm Norwich to Sheringham

- 1.17pm Great Yarmouth to Norwich

- 1.44pm Sheringham to Norwich

- 2.07pm Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 2.17pm Ipswich to Lowestoft

- 2.45pm Norwich to Sheringham

- 3.46pm Sheringham to Norwich

- 3.54pm Ipswich to Lowestoft

- 4.07pm Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 4.45pm Norwich to Sheringham

- 5.36pm Norwich to Great Yarmouth

- 5.49pm Sheringham to Norwich

- 6.07pm Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 6.13pm Ipswich to Lowestoft

- 6.17pm Great Yarmouth to Norwich

- 8.07pm Lowestoft to Ipswich

- 8.17pm Ipswich to Lowestoft

MORE: Great Anglia new train problems: What has gone wrong?Those affected by the cancellations can make use of Greater Anglia's delay replay scheme.MORE: Citrus oil used to tackle Greater Anglia new train problems

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