More than 20 dead and dying trees to be removed from Norwich park - but they will be replaced

Signs have appeared saying trees in Eaton Park need to be cut down. Pic: Archant.

Signs have appeared saying trees in Eaton Park need to be cut down. Pic: Archant. - Credit: Archant

More than 20 trees in a Norwich park are set to be removed after they were found to be dead, dying or in a dangerous state.

Signs have recently gone up on a number of trees in Eaton Park stating they had been inspected and were going to be cut down.

The notices prompted concern among some visitors to the park but Judith Lubbock, a member of the Friends of Eaton Park committee and city councillor for Eaton ward, insisted the action was necessary.

She said: 'I had a couple of people say to me that they are really upset about the trees being cut down and I'm satisfied that they really do need to be cut down.'

Nine trees were found to be dead, dying or in a dangerous state while another 15 of those earmarked for removal were said to be in a poor condition.

Norwich City Council said the trees will be replaced following a consultation with the Friends of Eaton Park.

Mrs Lubbock said she has suggested to officers that they put more information on the notices that are put on the trees so people are aware why the action is being taken.

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She said: 'I've suggested we say a bit more about that so people understand a bit more and if its said these trees have been inspected and found to have diseases I think it would be helpful for people to understand.

She added: 'It's good the trees are going to be replaced.'

A City Hall spokesman said: 'Following recent inspections, 24 trees have been identified for removal in Eaton Park.

'Nine of these are either dead, dying or dangerous. The remaining 15 are the remnants of an avenue of red horse chestnut trees located east from the bandstand towards the rose garden – these are all in poor condition due to significant crown die-back and brittle decay on the main stems.

'Following consultation with the Friends of Eaton Park we'll be replacing the horse chestnut trees with an avenue of walnut trees in the coming planting season which will be November to March.

'The local environment benefits greatly from the avenues of trees in Eaton Park which are an integral part of the visual appeal of the area and which enhance people's enjoyment. Therefore it's important these avenues are maintained and developed for future generations.'

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