Mixed reaction to Jim Davidson’s Facebook rant after Cromer gig

Jim Davidson. Picture: submitted

Jim Davidson. Picture: submitted - Credit: Archant

There's been a mixed reaction on social media to comedian Jim Davidson's Facebook rant following his performances at Cromer's pier on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The furious spat with bar staff at the pier is believed to have started after the manager told him he could not take his drink on the stage.

Mr Davidson wrote on Facebook after the show: 'Well thats it. Gail force 8 on Cromer pier. Theatre freezing and a bad attitude barman. Do I need this? 'Welcome to hell.

'Bar woman wouldn't let me take my glass onstage. You sort of know when you are not wanted. Why do staff have agendas?'

He later added: 'Great little gig. Well meaning stage crew. Good audience ruined by bad attitude woman staff member.'

Reaction on social media to the rant has been mixed.

Elsie Wilkinson said: 'If he really dislikes Cromer, including the pier and the people, why does he come? He comes to take your money. He doesn't have to be polite, indeed he has always been foul-mouthed and once he has been paid ....... that's it, gone. Can't remember the last time he was on tv, perhaps they have learnt their lesson! At the end of the day, different things entertain different people.'

Nicola Clarke said: 'Jim Davidson is a has-been. But still thinks he can be a male form of a diva. He's rude, obnoxious, which usually comes with 'do you know who I am' cliché. He's sexist and thinks woman are good for only one thing. He talks to women awfully.'

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And Karen Clark said: 'I remember him getting a smack in the face in Yarmouth after a show he ranted at locals calling the bystanders carrot crunchers.'

However, James Ellis said: 'i thought it was a cracking night! bravo mr davidson.'

And Curt Hughes added: 'Why on earth would the Bar Staff stop him from taking a beer on stage? The venue is open and full of people paying to see him and some jobsworth pulls a stunt like that. Absolutely pathetic, they deserve all the abuse he gave them.'

Colin Treeman said: 'He'll be loving all this free publicity, as will his fans.'

And Tony Campbell added: 'Jim has done a hell of a job supporting our armed forces.'

Mr Davidson was unavailable for comment. The pier management did not wish to comment.