Norwich takeaway's food poisoning complaint investigation closed

Mega Munch in Norwich, on Magdalen Road. Photo: Archant

Mega Munch in Norwich, on Magdalen Road. Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Council officers have closed an investigation into a food poisoning complaint lodged against a Norwich takeaway. 

The family of nine-year-old Zayne Howard made the complaint against Mega Munch and Sea World Fish Bar, on Magdalen Road, Norwich, after he had to go to hospital due to suspected food poisoning.

Norwich City Council confirmed they were looking into a complaint against the business and following an inspection of the premises, the food complaint process had been closed.

The complaint will be recorded against the business for future reference and a full report of the inspection released in due course.

The takeaway's manager Erkan Gulbahce denied the claim and insisted all of its food is cooked properly.

He said an inspection took place on Thursday afternoon with the takeaway receiving a rating of three from an inspector, improving from a one-star rating in December.

 He said: "We make sure the chicken is cooked properly.

"There have been lots of improvements here."

Following the closure of the investigation, Chéri Howard, Zayne's mum, said: "To be told due to them not having any other complaints of the food on that day [the complaint is closed], it only takes one item of food to cause this."

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