Meeting eases tension over young drivers on Sheringham car park

Tensions are easing between young Sheringham car owners and local residents who are angry about the standards of driving in the town, police said.

After months of simmering problems, members of Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) organised a meeting on July 29 at the town's fire station to bring the two sides together.

The 'Drive Smart Stay Safe' event included a chance for young drivers to take part in a mock collision and experience the realities of being hurt or injured on our roads.

The session also offered a range of road safety information and tips on how to develop driving skills as well as a hands on learning experience.

And the youngsters and those with complaints about their driving 'began to see it from each other's side', according to PC Gill Bridges, who gave feedback to last night's town council meeting.

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PC Bridges said: 'There was a meeting between a group of youths who frequent station car park and representatives from the people who think the standard of driving in Sheringham leaves something to be desired.

'It was not designed to blame young people, but to break down the barriers and show people that these youths are in the main responsible.

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'Numbers exceeded expectations. It was a good meeting and they were given a good opportunity to put both sides of the argument. Both sides began to see it from the other side.'

She added: 'Hopefully there will be more tolerance from those who complain and more open-mindedness from drivers towards residents.'

? Police are set to organise a meeting in the Sheringham area to look at ways to help prevent the elderly being targeted by rogue traders and bogus callers.

PC Bridges said a launch meeting would be arranged, bringing together older people from the town and the surrounding villages, along with representatives from the police, North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk Trading Standards.

? PC Bridges said Sheringham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) would be cracking down on thieves involved in the illegal trade in metals, which has had an impact on historic buildings including churches in recent years.

She said the team would be focusing on the drivers of vehicles involved in the 'theft and transportation' of materials.

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