Meet Ted the three-legged wonder dog of Bradwell

Ted the dog has made a great recovery after being kicked by a horse and having his leg amputated.Dav

Ted the dog has made a great recovery after being kicked by a horse and having his leg amputated.Dave Rowan and his grandchildren Tigerlily and Taylah Pearce with Ted the dog.PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

When dog-owner Dave Rowan saw his six-month old puppy savagely kicked by a horse – he feared the absolute worst.

Ted, a Bichon Frise, had found his way into the horse's paddock, which backs onto Mr Rowan's former home, and edged that little bit too close.

Mr Rowan, who was trying to retrieve his pet, could only look on helplessly as the horse unleashed a swift kick.

Ted was left in agony, with internal bleeding and breathing difficulties, in front of the devastated Mr Rowan.

He said: 'I must have only been about 10 feet away when it happened – I blame myself. If I had found him sooner I could have stopped it from happening. He was in such a bad way – I honestly didn't think he would live. I was absolutely gutted.'

However, just three months after the incident – which happened in August – Ted is sprightly as ever -–albeit on just three legs.

The incident saw Ted lose all feeling in his front right paw, which, when it didn't improve, had to be amputated.

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Mr Rowan, of Bradwell, added: 'We tried acupuncture to try and help him recover, but the vets told up he had suffered nerve damage in the paw.

'We took him to a kennel when we went on holiday and when we came back found that he had been gnawing at it.'

When it became clear Ted's leg could not be cured, Mr Rowan made the decision to have it amputated. However, this has not damaged the brave pup's spirit.

'I took him to have his operation at nine in the morning and collected him that evening. I worried the whole day about how he would respond to it.

'However, as soon as I got him home I put him down thinking he would be a bit subdued, but he was running about and bouncing around like nothing had happened.'

Ted's bravery has not gone unnoticed – Anchorage Veterinary Hospital at Acle, where he was treated, named him their Braveheart pet of September.

He has since settled back into life at home, bonding with his owner's granddaughters – Tigerlily, six, and Taylah, who is three on Monday.

Ted has also become a popular figure at the offices of oil and gas company of Epic International, of which Mr Rowan, 58, is managing director. He regularly comes into work with his owner and enjoys tearing around the office.

'Absolutely nothing has changed in his mannerisms since before it happened,' Mr Rowan added. 'Nothing can stop him. I think the secret is his breed. Bichons are naturally very friendly, sociable dogs who love nothing more than fuss. He just loves life and has taken it all in his stride.'