Mayor of Southwold issues call for people to support their town

Southwold mayor Simon Tobin is calling for more people to get involved with local politics in the to

Southwold mayor Simon Tobin is calling for more people to get involved with local politics in the town.In the council chamber.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

The mayor of Southwold issued a rallying cry this week urging local people to get involved in community projects in support of 'one of the main, iconic, unspoiled seaside towns in Great Britain'.

Simon Tobin wants to increase attendances at council meetings and encourage greater participation in local events and initiatives.

Mr Tobin believes Southwold has a rich heritage and is urging people to visit the town hall to find out more about its history and traditions and what is being done to enhance and preserve them.

'Over the years, Southwold Town Council has done an unbelievable amount of work behind the scenes,' he said. 'We want more people to get involved on community projects or any council-led work, but also come to the meetings to begin to understand how the town is run. After all, it is their town.'

Mr Tobin said Southwold Town Council had a number of ongoing projects that would benefit from additional support and greater community involvement, including the recently-launched shuttle bus service and youth projects.

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He said: 'The town council isn't just a bunch of people who meet once a month and sit round a desk. There is so much more going on.'

The mayor hopes to hold a public open day at Southwold Town Hall to show some of its treasures and encourage school visits around the council chambers. He said one of the tasks this year would be to prepare information on each item.

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Mr Tobin said plans were also being made for a group to visit Southwold's American sister town – Southold, in New York State – for the first time in 15 years.

He said names were now being taken for the trip and anyone interested in being involved should contact the town council.

Mr Tobin said centuries of management had helped Southwold to remain unspoiled and it was important to understand the history of the town to preserve its character for the future.

'We are very proud of what has been handed to us over the years,' he said. 'Southwold town councillors are trustees of that and our remit is to keep it unspoiled for centuries to come.

'Southwold is unique. It is one of the main, iconic, unspoiled seaside towns in Great Britain and it is the job of the council and the town's people to keep it in this delightful manner.'

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