You can run, Mr Hancock, but you can't hide

Health Secretary Matt Hancock makes a statement to the House of Commons in Westminster, London, abou

Matt Hancock visited the QEH but didn't invite the EDP which has been campaigning for action over the crumbling hospital - Credit: PA

What are you so scared of Matt Hancock? 

Clearly you are not willing to face the toughest questions over the scandal at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn

There are 200 props keeping the roof from falling in and finally yesterday you went along to take a peek. Perhaps now health secretary you understand how serious the problem is?

Because you've ducked and dodged our questions about it for months. Your staff wouldn't even accept a petition signed by 6,000 people demanding action. 

It is disrespectful to those 6,000 voters that you tried to sneak in and out of the QEH without facing the Eastern Daily Press.

Earlier this week we discovered Boris Johnson thinks you are hopeless. I reckon those 6,000 EDP readers and many more agree with him.

No-one expects you to wave a magic wand and the hospital is fixed. We are not children, Mr Hancock. We just expect ministers of state to be accountable. 

It is time to stop chickening out and publish an action plan for the QEH - maybe prove the prime minister wrong?  

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I don't have much hope - and I doubt the people of King's Lynn do either.