Knitters create face mask add-ons to protect NHS staff's ears

A bunch of the finished mask savers. 

A bunch of the finished mask savers. - Credit: Maurice Gray

A group of 10 knitters have been creating 'mask savers' to protect medical staff who are wearing face masks.

Stephanie Davis, from north Norfolk, put together the effort to help staff working in hospitals and care homes who are having to wear masks for hours throughout their shifts.

Behind the ears, and under the eyes in some cases, were becoming very sore and the knitted additions solved these problems.

One of the 'mask savers' being worn.  

One of the 'mask savers' being worn. - Credit: Maurice Gray

The knitted pieces are individually made, in various coloured wool, with a button sewn onto each end to which the mask elastic is fixed, thus protecting the areas concerned, and in some cases, preventing the mask slipping down.

All wool and buttons used are brand new and, to date, almost 4,000 have been donated to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, North Walsham Hospital and many local care homes.

One of the wearers said: “The mask savers significantly reduce the discomfort of wearing a mask, with no more sore ears."

If any hospital or care home would like some of these ‘mask savers’, which are donated free of charge, then call 07720657918.