Marham moustaches flying high for cancer charity

Servicemen and civilian personnel from RAF Marham took part in the Mo'vember campaign to raise money and awareness for a prostate cancer charity.

The Mo' short for moustache and the month of November combine to make Mo'vember, a month long charity event which challenges men to grow and wear a moustache for the month.

Military team members had to keep their moustaches within the strict Queen's Regulations for the RAF (QR209).

The guidelines state that if a moustache is worn, the upper lip is to be unshaven and the moustache is not to extend below the edge of the mouth.

The commanding officer shall be the final arbiter as to what is or is not an acceptable style or length of cut.

It is believed 'taches became fashionable furing the Battle of britain, when young pilots tried to look older than they were.

More recently the moustache hit the headlines when a Tornado pilot on an exchange with the US Army Air Force famously refused to shave his off.

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Civilian team members were able to go for their own style, leading to some interesting interpretations.

The team raised the fantastic sum of �1,532.76 from sponsorship, selling wristbands, badges and stickers, and a fundraising night was held at Marham on November 25.

Pictured front row, holding the cheque, are Senior Aircraftsman and team captain Gav Platt, Senior Aircraftsman Stu Hanna, who won the 'Man of Mo'vember' sash for best tache, and civilian Eddie Bowie, who raised the most individual amount, �295.