Marathon Bible reading at Norwich Millennium Library to celebrate anniversary of The King James Bible

The bishop of Norwich is joining dozens of people for an eight-day Bible reading to mark the 400th anniversary of The King James Bible.

A total of 68 people will take part in the reading held at the Millennium Library, Norwich, to celebrate the landmark text published in 1611.

The 72-hour event starts at 12pm on Sunday April 10 when bishop of Norwich, Graham James, and 14-year-old Martin Walton from Surrey Chapel will read genesis.

Archdeacon of Norwich, Jan MacFarlane, and pastor Tom Chapman of Surrey Chapel, will then conclude the reading at 4pm on Sunday April 17.

Meanwhile, the Millennium Library will be holding an exhibition of its Bibles including a 14th century Wycliffe Bible in the Heritage Centre on the second floor.

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