82-year-old man gets global recognition for his ‘Bob’s Flunkey’ invention

Bob and Janette. PHOTO: Janette Higgins

Bob and Janette. PHOTO: Janette Higgins - Credit: Archant

A man with Parkinson's disease is hoping to help those with limited mobility thanks to the help of his new invention.

A video of Bob Scott, 82, from Dereham, demonstrating his simple solution to putting on clothes for people with reduced mobility has been viewed more than 40,000 of times on social media.

The manoeuvre, 'Bob's Flunkey', involves a length of string tied higher at one end and a bulldog clip. It allows him to put on his coat without raising his injured arm above shoulder level.

His video has been shared nearly 600 times on Facebook and has reached as far as America, Australia, Africa and Germany.

Janette Higgins, who works with Bob at her companionship service, helped him film and upload the video.

She said: 'Bob is delighted that his idea - he finds it difficult to use the word invention - has been of interest to so many people.

'He has always talked enthusiastically about Bob's Flunkey to people he thought it might serve and was happy even if only one person used it.

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'He is over the moon to learn of the compliments so many people are taking the trouble to register.'

She added: 'Bob said that originally the idea came because of a torn muscle.

'Now with Parkinson's disease it has become necessary as the fingers and arms don't want to respond to the brains instructions and finding the armhole is often very frustrating, but not now with his rather skinny Flunkey.'

Neither Bob of Janette expected such a huge reaction to the video but are very pleased that it is helping people.