Man dressed as clown with machete threatens teenage girls in Bury St Edmunds


- Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2012

Two teenage girls were threatened by a man dressed as a clown and holding a machete in Bury St Edmunds.

Police are looking for witnesses to the incident on Durham Close, which happened at 6.25pm on Saturday night.

The man, who was holding what has been described as a machete, ran towards the girls saying he was going to harm them.

The girls ran off in the direction of Severn Road, uninjured but upset and shaken.

Officers including firearm and dog units arrived on the scene within five minutes and scoured the streets, woodland and industrial estate for the offender.

Nobody matching the description given was found.

Suffolk police have reminded people that anyone deliberately scaring members of the public could be committing public order offences and may be subject to arrest.

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• Anyone with information is asked to contact Suffolk police on 101 quoting reference 61077/16.

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