Man dressed as a monk delivers “disgusting” leaflets to King’s Lynn residents

Police are on the hunt for a man dressed as a monk.

Police are on the hunt for a man dressed as a monk. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2012

Police are on the hunt for a man dressed as a monk who has been pushing highly offensive leaflets through a number of letterboxes in King's Lynn.

The man, who has been described as having a long beard and wearing sandals, has been spotted delivering the shocking material in residential areas south of the town this week.

Named The Works of Darkness, the gothic-style leaflet attacks ten subjects including homosexuality, divorce and contraception with paragraphs of extreme views.

South Lynn resident Esther Wild, 27, said she was out when the leaflet was pushed through her letterbox on Tuesday.

But when she got home, her 6-year-old daughter picked it up and brought it to her and her partner.

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She said: 'I'm glad my daughter didn't read the language and issues raised. We laughed about it initially but upon further reading we were offended as it applies to us and people that we know. It is really nasty and vile and the language that goes into it is horrible.

'This is totally false Christianity in the first place, but it simply preaches hatred towards most people.'

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The two-page leaflet, which includes swear words, attacks IVF conceptions, contraception and one-parent families.

Another South Lynn resident, Elizabeth Blayney, 23, said she was horrified to read the leaflet.

She said: 'It's disgusting, it is horrible and it's quite worrying that someone has those views which are very outdated and uneducated. It says that one-parent families are evil and I am myself a one-parent family and I also have gay friends so I found it very offensive. I hope that most people will take offence.

'My son is only two but older children could pick it up and read it which could lead them to asking lots of questions.'

Last month it was reported that a man of the same description had been delivering the same leaflet in Cambridge.

However, it has not been confirmed it is the same person at this stage.

A spokesman for the police said: 'Norfolk Constabulary has been made aware of the distribution of the leaflets to a number of addresses in the King's Lynn area and investigations are ongoing to try and identify the individual involved.'

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