Lowestoft supermarket manager smashes into house and hits man with baseball bat

Ipswich Crown Court

Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Archant

A supermarket manager barged into a house at night armed with a baseball bat and hit a man so hard that the bat snapped, a court has heard.

Connor Miller banged on the door of the house in Stanford Road, Lowestoft and when it was answered he 'barged' in and started screaming at two men and woman inside the property, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

He had then struck one of the men, Kurtis Knott, with the bat and Mr Knott blocked the blow with his forearm.

Mr Knott's brother Matthew Sellman attempted to rugby tackle Miller and was hit a number of times with the bat on his hand and ribs, said Duncan O'Donnell, prosecuting.

Miller had then delivered an 'almighty strike' with the bat to Mr Knott's thigh and then struck Mr Sellman's legs, knees, arms and ribs with the weapon.

'The final blow snapped the bat and the defendant was left holding the broken sharp end of the bat and threatened to stab someone,' said Mr O'Donnell.

After the incident Miller had gone straight to a police station and admitted what he had done. 'He was extremely emotional and was crying and being sick, said Mr O'Donnell.

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The court heard that Mr Knott had described genuinely fearing for his life during the incident and Mr Sellman had suffered flashbacks and nightmares following the attack.

Miller, 27, of Minden Road, Lowestoft, admitted assaulting Mr Sellman and Mr Knott causing them actual bodily harm on September 21 last year and possessing an offensive weapon.

He was given an eight month prison sentence suspended for 18 months and ordered to 180 hours unpaid work in the community.

He was also ordered to pay £500 compensation each to Mr Sellman and Mr Knott and a £100 victim surcharge.

Recorder Christopher Makey said the case had an unusual background and told Miller: 'Uniquely this is a case where the sentence of prison can be suspended.'

Steven Dyble, for Miller, said his client had no previous convictions and was employed as an assistant manager at a local supermarket working at night from 10pm-8am.

He said Miller had gone to the house because he was upset after being told about an allegation, which was subsequently withdrawn, involving someone he knew.