Lowestoft police step up patrols

Police are stepping up patrols in the Gunton and Corton Cliffs area after receiving a number of reports of anti-social behaviour.

Following a recent priority setting meeting and calls from members of the public, the area will be patrolled more frequently.

Anti-social incidents reported include indecent exposure, fires being lit on the sands and cliff top and the use of motorcycles on the beach.

Officers from the Lowestoft North Safer Neighbourhood Team have set up the action plan and, in addition to the uniformed patrols, will also be looking at other measures to deal with any illegal activity in the area.

Sgt Andy Green said: 'As the weather warms up we tend to get more reports of anti-social behaviour along the cliffs and due to recent indecent exposure reports and incidents of fires in the area there is a need to step up patrols in order to try to prevent and detect crime.

'While we appreciate that many people use the area for legitimate activities, local residents and others using this stretch of coastline have highlighted problems with a range of anti-social behaviour and our patrols will aim to address this.

'While any criminal offences will be dealt with we will also be talking to users of the cliffs and beach in a bid to make sure everyone can use the area as long as their activities don't disturb or distress others.'

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