Lowestoft man who was ‘genuinely frightened for his life’ in car chase drama is cleared

A TEENAGER accused of dangerous driving on the A12 has been cleared by a jury.

Jarrod Knights had claimed he feared for his life when another car slammed on its brakes in front of him and one of the occupants jumped onto his bonnet and smashed his windscreen.

Knights told Ipswich Crown Court during a trial last Thursday he had been driving towards Lowestoft along the A12 in his Vauxhall Corsa in the tea-time rush hour when a Ford Focus swerved into him as he was overtaking it.

Nineteen-year-old Knights had sounded his horn and then saw the occupants of the Focus making rude gestures at him.

He claimed the vehicle had then started 'tailgating' him and had been so close behind him he felt unable to slow down at a roundabout and felt he had no option but to cross it at around 60mph.

The Focus had continued to tailgate him and had then pulled in front of him in the inside lane and slammed on its brakes.

Knights had been forced to stop his car and the three occupants of the Focus had got out and approached his car shouting threats before one of them jumped on the bonnet and smashed the windscreen.

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'I was genuinely frightened for my life,' said Knights.

He had driven off but shortly afterwards saw the Focus coming after him and had felt 'extremely intimidated'.

Knights turned off the A12 into Corton Long Lane and into Station Road to get away from the Focus which was still pursuing him.

He had then driven back on to the A12 and the incident had come to an end when the driver of the Focus once again pulled in front of him and slammed on the brakes causing Knights to drive into the back of it.

Knights, of Grange Farm Cottages, Gisleham, Lowestoft, denied dangerous driving on March 3 last year and was found not guilty.

Raj Joshi, prosecuting, told the court that the driver of the Focus had also been charged with dangerous driving and had admitted the charge.

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