Lowestoft man admits kicking dog in street

A Lowestoft man has admitted kicking his pet dog in front of members of the public in a street.

Vincent McCormick, 32, of Seago Road, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Roxy, a black and tan Rottweiler, by kicking her in Suffolk Road.

McCormick also admitted at Ipswich Magistrates' Court to failing to protect Roxy from pain, injury, suffering and disease by kicking Roxy and pleaded guilty to failing to provide her with a suitable diet for her age, breed, sex and condition.

The offences occurred on September 28 when at least four people saw him abusing Roxy by kicking and punching her.

One witness also said McCormick was seen trying to pour a can of Lynx lager down Roxy's throat.

A previous hearing heard Roxy was said to be in a skinny condition as she only weighed 25kg.

McCormick pleaded guilty to all three offences on Wednesday at a pre-trial review in Ipswich.

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His trial was due to take place on March 18 and 19 after he originally denied all charges.

After Wednesday's hearing RSPCA prosecutor Kevin Batch said he would ask for McCormick to be banned from keeping all animals for 15 years when he is sentenced later in the month.

At a previous hearing Calvin Saker, representing McCormick, said his client had only been playing roughly with Roxy and the witnesses had exaggerated the incident.

Mr Saker also said a vet's examination showed there were no injuries on Roxy consistent with being kicked and punched and she had not been mistreated.

Another hearing heard McCormick had psychiatric problems and had previous convictions for public order offences.

McCormick will be sentenced at Lowestoft Magistrates' Court on March 22 by Judge David Cooper.