Lowestoft clown’s new role is no joking matter

THE main role of a clown may well be to make people laugh.

But the career of one Lowestoft performer has taken on a much more serious dimension, after he was appointed as an official ambassador for fellow mirth-makers across the globe.

Andy the Clown, 39, is now mixing his training and rehearsals for his prank-filled routines with admin and paperwork in his role as overseas director of the World Clown Association (WCA).

The WCA is a non-for profit organisation that serves the needs of its members by promoting the art of clowning.

It represents more than 2,500 jolly characters all over the world.

Andy – better known to friends and family as Andrew Davis – is finding he needs to spend about five hours a week on paperwork and dealing with clown-based inquiries in his role as a WCA director.

As part of his duties, he is helping to organise a clown convention in Borneo and he is also advising members on practical issues such as insurance and working on the WCA's newsletter.

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His role also includes advising clowns about their codes of ethics – including not smoking when wearing make up.

Andy, of Union Place, Kirkley, said; 'As the overseas director of for the WCA I have a direct link to more than 2,500 other clowns throughout the world.

'I offer help and advice where necessary, network with other clowns and generally have fun! It is definitely the more serious side to clowning, but it is an important role.

'I am feel very privileged and honoured to become the overseas director for the WCA.'

Most WCA members live in America but there are many members in Australia, South Africa and Malaysia.

WCA president Joyce 'Joy' Payne said that, with the help of Andy, she was 'certain this will be an active and productive year' for the association, which held its first convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1983.

As well as his important WCA role, Andy the Clown will be out and about in the region in the summer, bringing joy to children and families with his act which includes balloon-modelling and juggling.

Mr Davis has been a professional clown for five years but he says he started clowning around the day he was born in May 1972.

Since becoming a full-time clown, he has performed at the Latitude Festival, Butlin's and the Harvest at Jimmy's event and he has bought merriment and mirth to parties and events run by the Brownies and other local groups.

He told The Journal: 'I love being a clown. When I wear my make up and put on my costume I can forget all my little worries. It is also great to be able to make people laugh.'

? Anyone who wants to book Andy the Clown should logo on to www.andytheclown.co.uk

? For more on the World Clown Association, visit www.worldclown.com

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