Lowestoft café announces new activities for people with dementia as part of World Mental Health Day

The Papavero Cafe, at Carlton Court, has announced a host of new events to aid social integration fo

The Papavero Cafe, at Carlton Court, has announced a host of new events to aid social integration for those with dementia and other mental health issues. Photo: James Bass. - Credit: James Bass

A café is hosting a series of dementia-friendly events designed to combat social isolation and raise awareness of mental health issues.

The Papavero Café, in St Peter's Road, Carlton Colville, will be providing a range of activities for service users, their carers and the public in an effort to encourage social integration.

Staff at the café are trained to deal with communication issues, disorientation and changes in mood and behaviour and offer events such as a monthly dementia club and Italian classes.

The facility is now announcing the addition of art classes to its agenda as it aims to come up with new ways to help service users.

This announcement has come on World Mental Health Day, which takes place today, and aims to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

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Sari Kelsey, deputy service manager for adult community services, said: 'It's all about encouraging social integration which is very important for people with dementia.

'We also hope to reduce some of the stigma that surrounds mental health for those learning to live with dementia or any other mental health condition.'

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She added: 'Dementia can be a lonely condition so encouraging people living with dementia to come to the café and interact with others is beneficial for combating social isolation.'

The café is based at Carlton Court which also house the NSFT's Great Yarmouth and Waveney Dementia and Complexity in Later Life service and the Dementia and Intensive Support Team.

Recovery College also operates at the site delivering courses that are developed by staff and service users for those open to mental health services.

Papavero was set up by Helen Maneghello and is currently staffed by local volunteers, many of whom have learning disabilities or lived experience of mental health issues themselves.

Ms Maneghello said: 'Our volunteers gain confidence and an ability to interact with people with different mental health conditions.'

For more information on volunteering at the café and upcoming events, email meneghello.helen@gmail.com or call 07469 728881.

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