London terror attack: Former English Defence League (EDL) organiser Ivan Humble, who renounced extremism, urges community to stand up to hate

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER - Credit: Nick Butcher

Communities have been urged to stand up to anyone they see promoting hate by a former organiser for the English Defence League (EDL) who renounced extremism to campaign for greater tolerance.

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER - Credit: Nick Butcher

Ivan Humble, from Lowestoft, turned his back on the far-right organisation several years ago after a conversation with people from the Muslim community persuaded him to change his outlook and views.

Today he is part of the group Exit UK – which helps people to leave far right-wing organisations – and has urged people to stand up to extremism in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the UK this year.

Following the latest attack in London on Saturday night, Mr Humble said that as the country the UK had 'become lazy' about standing up to hate.

Asked what people should do if they see people espousing extremist views, he said: 'Challenge it.

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER

Ivan Humble. Picture: NICK BUTCHER - Credit: Nick Butcher

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'Ring the police - sometimes it's not appropriate to do that and it's just a case of having a conversation with someone. That's the only way to challenge their thinking.

He said that people think they can get away with saying more offensive things on social media.

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'If you see it you need to report it straight away,' he said.

'If it offends you, it is probably going to offend someone else.'

Mr Humble also believes there needs to be greater communication between different faith groups to promote a culture of understanding.

He believes greater dialogue between different groups would prevent situations where people engage in extremist behaviour.

'Dialogue has done a lot for me,' he said. 'It might benefit someone else.

'Until you talk to people what they think, you're second guessing everyone else.

'This is the only way I feel we can make a difference, by making safe spaces for debate.'

And he warned against any retaliation attacks by people mistakenly thinking all Muslims are to blame or share extremist views.

'The Islamist extremists want to create that environment,' he said.

His comments come after prime minister Theresa May said in her statement in Downing Street after the attack that there was 'far too much tolerance of extremism' in the UK.

Mr Humble can be reached a for advice.

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