Yes Lord Prescott our EDP ‘battle bus’ is as green as they come

Lord John Prescott Labour campaigning in Norwich, Norfolk and visited the University of East Anglia

Lord John Prescott Labour campaigning in Norwich, Norfolk and visited the University of East Anglia Climactic Research unit. Dicuussions on climate change with researchers at the UEA venue and then headed off into the neighbouring housing wards to have discussions with local residents. Pictures: Rob Colman - Credit: Archant

An election would not be an election without the intervention of Lord Prescott.

The former Deputy Prime Minister was in Norwich talking about climate change this week in his role as an advisor on the topic to Ed Miliband.

His new role prompts the obvious question about his driving habits - he was nicknamed 'two jags' after it emerged he had the use of one just one, but two of the top of the range motors.

He went on the offensive when the topic came up, and clearly hoped to call our reporter's bluff.

'Do you have an eco car?', was the response to her question about if he was a green driver.

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The EDP 'battle bus' just happens to be a hybrid, running for much of the time on electricity when it is in the city centre, and she was able to tell him that was the case.

He took it in good spirit, chuckling that he had failed to make his point.

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'Don't be too bloody clever Prescott,' he joked.

He went on to admit that he had a penchant for Jaguars, but insisted 'it was never two', suggesting one of the Jaguars he was able to use belonged to Lord Heseltine.

And defended the use of motors.

'Our argument is not that you have to get rid of your car, we can see that people are attached to that, but use public transport more. Two thirds of my travel is on public transport.'

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