Watch: Norfolk MP Keith Simpson goads Boris over his scruffy dress in EU debate

Mayor of London Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons in London, following Prime Minister Dav

Mayor of London Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons in London, following Prime Minister David Cameron's address to MPs, laying out his case for staying in the European Union. Photo: PA Wire - Credit: PA

Broadland MP Keith Simpson joined the prime minister in goading the Mayor of London Boris Johnson in the House of Commons European Union referendum debate on Monday.

Ahead of Boris Johnson's intervention suggesting that David Cameron's EU deal does not restore sovereignty to the UK's Parliament, the Broadland parliamentarian was heard shouting 'tuck your shirt in' during a raucous Commons exchange.

MPs jeered and cheered as Mr Johnson rose to ask his question, with the military historian shouting: 'Tuck your shirt in.'

Mr Simpson told the EDP that Mr Johnson's appearance reminded him of his son George at the age of 14.

A terse exchange followed between Mr Johnson and the prime minister with the capital's figurehead saying: 'Can I ask the Prime Minister to explain to the House and to the country in exactly what way this deal returns sovereignty over any field of law-making to these Houses of Parliament?'

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Mr Cameron replied: 'This deal brings back some welfare powers, it brings back some immigration powers, it brings back some bailout powers, but more than that, because it carves us forever out of ever closer union, it means that the ratchet of the European court taking power away from this country cannot happen in future.

'To those who worry - and people do worry - that somehow, if we vote to remain in, the consequence could be more action in Brussels to try and change the arrangements we have, we have a lock in this House of Commons.

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'No power can be passed from Britain to Brussels without a referendum of the British people.

'We have a better deal. We have a special status. We have a chance to make sure we build on what we have, we protect our people, we enhance our prosperity and that's the choice we should make.'

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