US golf club caught in crossfire of Norfolk County Council power shift to the Conservatives

County Hall. Photo: Bill Smith

County Hall. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

The abstention of the Green Party in the leadership vote at Norfolk County Council on Monday, which enabled the Conservatives to return to power, prompted plenty of heated discussion on Twitter.

The vote, which saw Labour's George Nobbs ousted and Conservative Cliff Jordan put in charge at County Hall, prompted demands for an explanation at all levels of the Green Party.

Unfortunately an unsuspecting golf club in the US state of Massachusetts got caught in the crossfire on social media.

The exclusive Westwood club, which has the Twitter handle @NorfolkGreens, was forced to intervene in the debate this morning after they were copied in to demands for a comment with the party's only MP Caroline Lucas and its leader Natalie Bennett.

Another Twitter user tweeted the golf club stating he was glad he had left the Greens and accused them of handing power to the Conservatives.

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Responding to a Tweets from @CarlHewitt and user @PetersWooll asking for 'any comments', the golf club said: 'Ok I'll comment. I'm not sure you understand Twitter handles. @NorfolkGreens is a golf club in MA, in the #USofA'

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