US Election 2016: Norfolk MP George Freeman claims US election is a ‘crisis of legitimacy’

George Freeman . Photo : Steve Adams

George Freeman . Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Mid-Norfolk MP George Freeman has expressed his views on Donald Trump's election victory via a series of tweets.

The 49-year-old reflected on the news that Donald Trump will soon take up residency in the White House following his victory over Hilary Clinton.

He said: 'Stunning demonstration of how disempowered low income Americans feel by Washington politics + globalisation.

'However much any of us might have disliked his campaign, we all have to respect the fact that he's been elected by the American people.'

The Conservative MP also commented on the 'out-of-touch elites' in the UK and USA along with the need for mainstream parties to 'look harder, listen better + think smarter about the underlying causes of popular anger'.

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He praised Prime Minister Theresa May who in her own statement congratulated Mr Trump on his victory and said she was looking forward to working with him.

Mr Freeman added: 'It's clear we're living through a genuine crisis of legitimacy sweeping Western political economy. At a time of huge global challenges.

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'To regain the respect and legitimacy for mainstream national political leadership we need to be bold in tackling the root causes of despair.'

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