Students dressed as landlords to serve ‘eviction notice’ to city council

A group of UEA students will and an 'eviction notice' to Norwich City Council during a protest over

A group of UEA students will and an 'eviction notice' to Norwich City Council during a protest over no-fault evictions. Picture: Archant library - Credit: Archant

Students dressed as landlords will serve councillors with a giant novelty eviction notice as they seek to highlight the issue of real landlords doing the same to their tenants.

A group of University of East Anglia students are getting behind a national campaign called Generation Rent, which aims to raise awareness of no-fault evictions.

These occasions are when property landlords elect to evict their tenants without any wrongdoing on the tenants' part - for example when they wish to sell their property.

They are allowed to do this through Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act, a section Generation Rent is calling to be repealed.

At a full meeting of Norwich City Council on Tuesday, 7.30pm, the UEA campaigners will ask the council to lobby central government to scrap the section from the act.

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Chloe Howcroft, a media and international development student, said the demonstration would launch a petition against the section.

Miss Howcroft, 21, said: 'This is a particularly pertinent issue for young people, as it is getting more and more difficult for us get on the property ladder right away - if ever.

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'We are aiming to get more than 1,500 people to sign the petition so hope that by doing this we can shine a light on the issue.'

Miss Howcroft said the campaign was part of a politics module at the university which requires students to get involved with a community issue.

She said: 'It is a very practical module and the issue can have a really big impact on people, particularly of our age. This is what attracted us to it.

'The eviction notices can be issued with as little as two months notice which puts people in extremely short notice.

'Other councils have passed motions to lobby the government over the section and we're hoping Norwich City Council will be willing to do the same.'

Miss Howcroft said she hoped more than 50 students will be taking part in the demonstration.

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