Tim Farron hopes Nigel Farage and other leave campaingers will one day say sorry for Brexit

Tim Farron at the Archant office

Tim Farron at the Archant office - Credit: Archant

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has said he hopes leading Brexit campaigners will live long enough to apologise for what they have done to their children's future.

During a visit to the Norwich headquarters of the Eastern Daily Press, Tim Farron took questions from an audience, including about the result of the European Union referendum.

The event was hosted by The New European – the pop-up newspaper launched by Archant in July in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.

Mr Farron said that being on the wrong side of a referendum could have great benefits for a party that was sticking to its principles on those issues.

But he added: 'Having said that, I would trade that result on June 23 for almost anything, because of the damage, never mind to our society, but to our children.

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'I kind of hope people like Nigel Farage and people who led the leave campaign live long enough to apologise to their children for what they have done to their future.'

He said there was a difference between pessimism and seeking to fight for the best deal for the country.

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