The Norfolk accountant who helped Corbyn to victory

Richard Murphy. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Richard Murphy. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

He is the Norfolk man who has helped to create the so-called 'Corbynomics' economic strategy espoused by the new Labour leader.

But Richard Murphy, from Downham Market, had to spurn the opportunity of a victory dinner after Jeremy Corbyn's landslide victory in his party's leadership contest - to get home to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife.

Mr Murphy, 57, a self-employed accountant and tax expert, has been a key architect of Corbynomics and was in London on Saturday, when the results were announced.

He said he was open to discussions with the new leader over a possible future role.

'We had a brief exchange of words on Saturday afternoon, and he invited me out to dinner. But I wanted to see my wife for our wedding anniversary so I came home to be with her.'

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Obviously delighted that Mr Corbyn was elected, he added: 'I'm very pleased that the ideas I've been involved in, and creating and promoting over a number of years have, as a feature of Jeremy's campaign, been given more prominence.'

He said he first met Mr Corbyn about a decade ago at an economic advisory panel. They have seen each other about a dozen times in the last year, although they have never been to each other's houses.

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He said: 'If he wants to give me a call, and the offer is right, and it's something I can do, I'm open for discussions with him.

'I've been doing this for 13 years. We can have a different economic policy, not be beholden to banks, and not rely on austerity.'

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