Liz Truss embraces pork markets meme as she welcomes BBQ staple export figures

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss. Photo: PA

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss. Photo: PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss has poked fun at her infamous pork markets speech as she welcomed figures which show the export of classic BBQ staples have had a major boost over the last 12 months.

Ms Truss, who was made international trade secretary under Boris Johnson, was mocked in the media and on satirical show Have I Got News for You in 2014, after a speech at the Conservative Party conference where she expressed her delight for "opening up new pork markets" in Beijing.

But Ms Truss previously said she has "embraced the meme" and on Saturday referenced it when celebrating a rise in the export of sausages, beef, cider, gin and even charcoal.

Exports of British sausages saw the largest increase up 34pc to £41m which is good news for the British pork industry.

The Department for International Trade said the rise in exports follows a number of successful recent market openings for British produce including sheep meat to India, beef and lamb to Japan, beef to China and pork to Taiwan. Combined, these market access deals are worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the UK economy and sustain jobs right across the country.

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Ms Truss said: "As a well-known advocate champion of the British pork industry, I'm delighted to see that great British sausage exports are really on a roll - up 34pc to £41 million. And while you take advantage of summer sun, know that the same food and drink you are enjoying is also being enjoyed by people around the world.

"My department will keep opening up new markets for British products because this is what boosts the profits of our producers and creates jobs up and down the country."

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Exports of other products associated with BBQs have seen similar increases. Exports of beef, for instance, have seen a 6.8pc increase in the year to 2018 while exports of cider are now worth £65m, an increase of 6.1pc.

Exports of BBQ condiments have seen similar increases. In 2018, the UK exported £26m worth of tomato sauce alone.

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