Prospect of a grand coalition raised through the medium of cola

Lifelong Tory Nicholas Copeland (left) and Labour man Matt Prenter, who claim to have settled their

Lifelong Tory Nicholas Copeland (left) and Labour man Matt Prenter, who claim to have settled their political differences by creating a 'Coalition Cola' fizzy drink. Picture: KAREN BETHELL - Credit: Archant

I was interested to see former Norwich MP Charles Clarke raise the prospect of a grand coalition between Labour and the Conservatives, and it seems a pair of Norfolk pals are becoming subscribed to this idea too.

Lifelong Tory and Coca Cola drinker Nicholas Copeman and his friend, Labour man Matt Prenter – who prefers Pepsi - say they are disillusioned with both parties and the obvious solution, apparently, was to mix together two of the nation's most popular fizzy drinks at the weekend.

The pair held their own 'Coalition Cola' poll at Sheringham to prove their point.

They hoped their 50/50 blend would be the catalyst needed to make the first step towards 'political harmony'.

Mr Prenter claimed that after seeing the two party leaders interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, he was convinced that neither was 'up to the job'.

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'They might claim to be capable and different, but, like Pepsi and Coke, they are really just two brands of the same thing,' he said.

After setting up a polling station on Otterndorf Green, the pair – who had 'Coalition Cola' drink bottle labels and rosettes specially printed - asked passers-by to taste three unlabelled samples - of Coke, Pepsi and a mix of the two.

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After standing in front of their polling booth for an hour, Mr Copeland and Mr Prenter claimed public opinion had come firmly down in favour of their 50/50 fizzy blend.

'I think that we have proved that, if they settled their differences over a glass of Coalition Cola as Matt and I have, David Cameron and Ed Milliband would find they have more in common than they realise,' Mr Copeland said.

That decides it then.

By Norma Nelson

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