Prime Minister Theresa May heading to Norwich to deliver rallying cry

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in London before making her way to Norwich

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking in London before making her way to Norwich - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Theresa May will use a speech in Norwich to urge her candidates to work 'flat out' for a landslide.

She is expected to tell an invited crowd that would-be MPs must take nothing for granted in the wake of excellent Conservative local election results and polls which have her party as many as 20 points ahead of Labour.

The visit marks the launch of the Tory campaign in East Anglia.

Pointing to the Brexit referendum and the 2015 election result, the Prime Minister will say that public votes can throw up surprise results so the Tories can leave 'no stone unturned' in pursuit of success on June 8.

In the latest sign of the Tory strategy of putting Mrs May's leadership at the centre of the party's appeal to voters, the Prime Minister will refer to 'my local candidates' – rather than the Conservatives.

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Speaking earlier at a similar event in London she said: 'The local elections are now behind us. It's time to focus on this crucial General Election campaign. And we can take absolutely nothing for granted.'

In a warning against complacency, she pointed to recent upsets at the ballot box, saying she had learned 'never to predict an election result'.

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'How many times over the past few years have the polls got it wrong? They got the 2015 election wrong. They got the EU referendum wrong.

'And Jeremy Corbyn was a 200-1 outsider to be Labour leader.'

Details of exactly where the Prime Minister will visit in the city have not yet been disclosed.

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