Norwich resurfacing work which sparked protest to start again

Evening resurfacing work in Grove Road prompted a protest from an angry resident. Pic: Dan Grimmer.

Evening resurfacing work in Grove Road prompted a protest from an angry resident. Pic: Dan Grimmer. - Credit: Archant

Roadworks in Norwich which continued until the early hours of the morning and prompted a protest will resume tonight.

As part of work in the Queens Road/Brazen Gate/All Saints Green/Grove Road area of the city, contractors on behalf of Transport for Norwich worked on parts of Brazen Gate and Grove Road on Friday night.

They started at 7pm and continued until roughly 4am, one person living in the area said.

And the work is set to begin again on Sunday night, with expectations that it will finish at 11pm.

On Friday, one woman, who lives in Grove Road but did not want to be named, staged a protest by standing in front of the vehicles and refusing to budge. Police ended up being called to the scene.

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Afterwards, she said: 'It's just ridiculous, doing it at this time of the night. The whole house is shaking because of the vibrations.

'There's elderly people who live in this row of houses who are too frightened to come out and say something, but I thought I would.

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'I've had my little protest and I know they are only doing their job, but I don't understand why it has to be done at this time of night.

'When I first asked them they said they would be here until 4am in the morning and now they've explained they will be moving round the other end of Brazen Gate later so it will quieten down, but why couldn't this be done in the daytime? 'We've had months of disruption already and there have been days when I've not been able to get my car out of the garage. And the communication about it has not been good enough.'

Work in the area started in January – part of a £670,000 Transport for Norwich scheme, which has also caused delays on Queens Road, with temporary traffic lights in place.

The work includes: installing a camera to enforce the Grove Road bus gate; replacing the signal crossing on Grove Road with a zebra crossing; a new zebra crossing on Brazen Gate; new cycle lanes in Brazen Gate and All Saints Green and modifications to the pedestrian crossings at Queens Road junction.

During the resurfacing work, Grove Road is closed in the southbound direction – from Brazen Gate to Grove Road.

The current northbound closure on Grove Road (from Grove Road to Brazen Gate) will remain in place until the end of March.

A spokesperson for Transport for Norwich said: 'We have issued a series of public information notices to residents and local businesses as the scheme has progressed and traffic management has changed.

'A notice was issued at the end of February about the resurfacing work but this was since delayed twice due to bad weather. The most recent change of date was reflected in an update to the site notices in the area, rather than a revised notice.

'We apologise if residents feel that they haven't been properly informed of the latest work – in future we will make sure that any change to timing results in a re-issued notice, rather than just an update to signs on site. Finally, we would like to thank those affected for their patience while we enter the completion phase of the project.'

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