Objectors drive home road safety concerns as council prepares to vote on Cromer medical centre plans

A computer generated image of the proposed new medical centre in Cromer. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

A computer generated image of the proposed new medical centre in Cromer. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

A deaf motorist revealed she struggles to get in and out of her drive because parked cars block her view and she can't hear if there are other vehicles coming.

Cabbell Park home of Cromer Town FC.Photo by Mark Bullimore

Cabbell Park home of Cromer Town FC.Photo by Mark Bullimore

And she revealed she fears the problem will only get worse if plans for a new medical centre and pharmacy near her home in Mill Road, Cromer, are approved.

Roseanna Burton has written to North Norfolk District Council with her concerns ahead of the local authority's development committee discussing the proposal, by Medcentres, at Cabbell Park - the current home of Cromer Football Club - at local authority headquarters on Thursday at 9.30am.

She has called for double yellow lines the full length of the road to improve her vision or the introduction of permit parking for residents.

Ms Burton said: 'I have recently moved onto Mill Road and was in the process of writing to Highways regarding the road, parking and the traffic flow.

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'I live a short way up Mill Road from the current football club on the same side of the road. I am in some ways lucky as I have a drive, however I am experiencing real difficulties with the volume

of people using Mill Road to park predominantly for the hospital to avoid the car park charges.

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'On some days I cannot get onto my drive as people have parked right up to my gates on both sides not allowing me to swing in as cars are also parked opposite. I have the same problem exiting the drive as I cannot see up Mill Road to pull out due to the parked cars on both sides.

'In addition I am deaf so cannot rely on my hearing either.

The buses currently struggle to get through on some days which just causes more problems.

'My concern is that if the new surgery goes ahead it will further impact on the traffic flow and parking issues we already experience.'

The revised plans, which have been recommended for approval by the council, only include the removal of on-street car parking in Mill Road - a busy bus route - between the mini roundabout on Overstrand Road and Clare Road.

And, despite the creation of 27 staff and 38 patient car parking spaces and 30 cycle spaces on site, the concern is that will exacerbate the problem out Ms Burton's home and neighbouring streets.

Ms Burton said: 'I would definitely support yellow lines all the way up Mill Road to allow for proper vision and access, I would also support residents parking and would be happy to pay for the space outside of my house mainly so I could see up the road!

'Any help with parking or the traffic on Mill Road would be greatly appreciated as I fear one day there will be an accident purely because the vision is poor but the traffic flow and speed is still high.'

Cromer Group Practice will move from its existing base on Overstrand Road which is described as 'no longer fit for purpose' if the plans are approved.

Sports England has confirmed that it has no objection to the plans after the council said Cromer Football Club could remain at Cabbell Park for a further three years, with changing facilities provided at Cromer Academy next door, while a new sports facility is built on the edge of town.

But one objector claimed no planning permission should be granted for the medical centre until alternative land for the football club had been secured.

In their submission to the council, Mr and Mrs Frary said: 'The planning application for the proposed medical centre on Cabbell Park is not straight forward. This land was given by Beatrice Bond Cabbell to the people of Cromer to commemorate those who died in the First World War, and in memory of those who returned from the Great War. A trust deed was drawn up with trustees appointed, and the land was used for playing football. 'When the ground was transferred to North Norfolk District Council, they followed the procedure to remove the Open Space Restriction attached to Cabbell Park in the trust deed. The council has stated that it plans to compulsory purchase an area of land on the Overstrand Road for a sports hub and apply the open space restriction to that ground. 'The council is aware that there is a shortage of open green space in Cromer and have made provision at Park View and Brownshill Wood. However, there areas are not sports field material and therefore the purchase of the Overstrand Road site should be made to prove that the council is serious in replacing Cabbell Park as a public open space before planning permission is granted to Medcentres.'

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