Objections and support as members of the public have say over Anglia Square revamp

A CGI image showing what Anglia Square could look like at night. Picture: Weston Homes

A CGI image showing what Anglia Square could look like at night. Picture: Weston Homes - Credit: Weston Homes

The proposed revamp of Anglia Square has sparked support and opposition as people in Norwich play their part in the planning process.

Anglia Square. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Anglia Square. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

After two years of consultation and exhibitions, a formal planning application for the site was finally submitted with Norwich City Council last month.

And people have been keen to have their say over the development, with letters of objection and support lodged with planners at City Hall.

The plans, put together by housebuilder Weston Homes, in conjunction with landowner Columbia Threadneedle, includes a minimum of 120 affordable homes.

There would also be about 40 retail units, a major food store, roof-level bar and restaurant, a 200-bed hotel, a 600-space multi-storey car park, a ground-floor cinema and a £2.5m new base for Surrey Chapel, whose current building would be demolished.

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But it is the 25-storey tower block, described by the developers as a 'marker building', which has emerged as a major talking point - with fans as well as critics.

Paul Stephens, who wrote in support of the proposals, said: 'The area is in desperate need of development and I feel that the application would dramatically improve the area. 'I also like the 25 storey tower. I think it looks amazing and will become a Norwich landmark.'

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Mike Parker, who also tabled his support, said: 'I think that the 25 storey tower is fantastic, will be a real focal point for the city skyline.'

But Michael Rayner, from the Norfolk branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, disagreed. He has written to object, saying the tower block would have an 'unacceptably negative effect on the city's skyline'.

He also said the application did not include enough affordable housing.

And Dr Anna Green has objected, saying: 'For the quarter century I have lived a stone's throw from Anglia Square I have been waiting in hopes for the day when this sorry aberration might be removed.

'Much of the proposed current plan is therefore very welcome, but please, not a 25 story tower as part of it. That really would feel like a regressive step.'

People have until May 5 to have their say via Norwich City Council's website at www.norwich.gov.uk

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