Norwich South MP Clive Lewis resignation letter in full

Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis. Photo: Stuart Goodman

Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis. Photo: Stuart Goodman - Credit: Archant

This is the letter Norwich South MP Clive Lewis sent to Jeremy Corbyn about his resignation

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me at length about Article 50. Although it was an extremely difficult topic, it was a warm and friendly chat and typical of the way you have led our party's discussions on this most difficult of issues. I know you understand the deep divide this issue has opened in the country and it is to your credit that you have led the debate in our party in such an open and comradely way. When I became the MP for Norwich South I promised my constituents I would be Norwich's voice in Westminster, not Westminster's voice in Norwich. I therefore cannot, in all good conscience, vote for something I believe ultimately goes against the wishes and interests of the constituency I have the honour to represent, love and call home. Our party, the Labour Party, was right to attempt, through Parliament to win the protections the people of this country need. Unfortunately, despite the progress we did make, we have been unable to secure them. It is therefore with a very heavy heart that I have decided to resign from the sahdow cabinet. I do so because I feel I must vote against the government bill as it stands. It has been a privilege to work with you, the shadow cabinet, my front bench team and the many hard working members of staff I've met these past 18 months, and I am deeply grateful for the faith you have shown in me. Please know I will continue to support both yourself and the Party from the backbenches, to the very best of my ability. Yours in comradeship. Clive Lewis MP

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