Norwich South hopeful Clive Lewis gets married in Houses of Parliament after snap election caused him to cancel his stag do

Clive Lewis and Katy Steel got married on May 6. Photo: Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis and Katy Steel got married on May 6. Photo: Clive Lewis - Credit: Clive Lewis

General election hopeful Clive Lewis tied the knot in the Houses of Parliament yesterday - after having to cut short his honeymoon and forgo his stag do because of the snap election.

Mr Lewis, who is the Labour candidate for Norwich South in the general election on June 8, married actress Katy Steel at a service in the historic Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Houses of Parliament at 3pm yesterday afternoon.

Mr Lewis had to rethink his wedding plans when the general election was called, but the couple decided to save the date. Instead, the former shadow defence and business secretary spent what would have been his stag do campaigning on the streets of Norwich.

And the pair's honeymoon will also have to be curtailed, as they realised they could not spend a week in Cornwall at a time when Mr Lewis should be campaigning.

But even the wedding venue was under question, as during the pre-election dissolution, sitting MPs lose their standing as Members of Parliament, meaning that they are unable to use the Chapel.

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MORE: 'The honeymoon has had to go' - how the snap election has hit wedding plans of Clive LewisThe Chapel of St Mary Undercroft is a Church of England church in the Palace of Westminster completed by Edward I in 1297.

So when Theresa May called the snap election it looked for a few days as if the wedding would have to be abandoned.

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Fortunately for the couple, Black Rod and the Serjeant at Arms agreed to make an exception for the long-planned ceremony.

Mrs Lewis-Steel said: 'When the election was first called, Clive joked we may end up door knocking in Norwich South for our honeymoon, I laughed out loud. I'm not laughing anymore. We have cost the staff at the Palace so much work but they could not have been kinder. '

Mr Lewis said: 'It's a hell of a start to married life and not quite the one we'd envisaged but Katy's been amazingly understanding and we're determined to make the best of it come what May.'

Other candidates confirmed so far for Norwich South are James Wright (Liberal Democrat), Lana Hempsall (Conservative) and Richard Bearman (Green).

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